Niedziela, 19 kwietnia 2015. Imieniny Alfa, Leonii, Tytusa

VJing Workshops VFG Report by DIABLOS VJ 2010 dec. 17 at Planeta 11, Olsztyn, Poland VJing Workshops VFG "Visuals From Grunwald" by DIABLOS VJ Program warsztatów: 5.00-5.15 - short story of vjing - historia vjingu ...Jaroslaw Balabanski aka DIABLOS VJ (POLAND) -pl. ✔ 5.15-5.30 - vjing & live cinema - vjing i kino na żywo Sandra Real Quintanar aka CHANA VJMX (MEXICO) - (skype) -eng. ✔ 5.30-5.45 - dygital freedom -cyfrowa wolność- LPM (Live Performers Meeting) - Gianluca del Gobbo (ITALY) - (skype) -eng. ✔ 5.45-6.00 - free vjing for all - FLXER - vjing za darmo dla wszystkich Ioann Maria aka VJ Deftoo (POLAND/SCOTLAND) - (skype) - pl. ✔ 6.00-6.15 vjing in Mexico -MXFEST - Israel Estrada aka AZLAB VJ (MEXICO) - (skype) -eng. ✔ 6.15-6.30 vjing in Venezuela - Eduardo Garcia aka VISUALDUB (VENEZUELA) - (skype) -eng. ✔ 6.30-6.45 - vjing in Germany (VISUALBERLIN) - Kiritan Flux (GERMANY) - (skype) - eng. ✔ 6.45-7.00 - vjing & music - Marco Donnarumma aka S.A.D. - (ITALY) - (skype) - eng. ✔ 7.00-7.15 - A/V FACTORY & Resolume - Fabio Pironti aka KLAT VJ - (SICILIA) - (skype) - eng. ✔ 7.15-8.15 - Modul 8 (supported by Modul & Arkaos - Jaroslaw Balabanski aka DIABLOS VJ - (POLAND) -pl. info powarsztatowe, wysyłane do uczestników oraz mediów: thank all of you ! It was really great ! thank you friends: LPM and FLXER TEAM ( GIANLUCA , MARCO, DEFTOO), KLAT, CHANA, MXFEST, VISUALDUB, VISUALBERLIN, MODUL8,   PLANETA 11 and Jacek Smolka from PLANETA 11, UWM FM (we were everyday in this radio from 2 weeks before workshops), Warminsko-Mazurskie Towarzystwo Zachęta, Grunwald Museum,  but first of all thank to Jacek Protas The Mayor of my region of Warmia- Masuria, without him it was not possible! He made our international meeting in this town. Full respect! The project has been funded by Mayor of Warmia-Masuria Region' artistic scholarship, im happy that so many people joined me online (almost 250!) and im happy that i infected few people from Olsztyn  with vjing, it' s really great! yeaaaaaaah! and the most of all it was the very first presentation of FLXER in Poland! And in polish language. so really great to meet  you in my city,  im so proud of all of you, im so happy and can t wait for next workshops and next meetings of LPM and we all  need, i think, to find out more about FLXER software, waiting 4 new edition with very revolutionary new tools for audiovisual. vjing is new art and this is the problem with not too much press info in my city but we have some info from local press i ll send u after and this links on my fansite u can check all info in media about this event. Thank for support this event! all event was recorded and u can check out when u want  on: vjing workshops vfg report soon online:) THANK YOU ALL OF YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL! I HOPE WE WILL BE CONTINUE THIS KIND OF WORKSHOPS ONLINE AND WE WILL BE PRACTICE MORE! PEACE LOVE AND AUDIOVISUALS! how u like my dance online?:) VJ WILL SAVE YOUR LIVE